Don’t Start With God and End With the Devil: Minister David Mills


Today, I want to talk about the topic: “Don’t Start With God and End With the Devil”. One of the biggest tragedies of discovering your purpose and fulfillment is that many people start off with God and end up in the devil’s camp. Hear me out. Purpose is spiritual! Don’t live your life carnally if you have a grip on what your purpose on earth is. Your Maker, who created you fashioned you to function in a particular way and that’s your purpose for living on earth.

Whitney Houston started off from the church choir and when she supposedly discovered her potentials in life she drifted away from the House of the Lord. Sadly, her life was laced with drug addiction. The result thereof was a cancerous relationship that destroyed her promising life.

I understand the likes of Beyoncé and Lady Gaga all cut their singing teeth in the church. What went wrong? They later developed what I call a perverted purpose; the kind that looks glittering in life. Do not let fame, money, attention and power cut off your roots in God and land you in the camp of the devil.

Once you cut off your source from God, you cease to receive the true nourishment from your original source to do exploit.



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