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God Is Coming For A Weekend Visit

'God Is Coming For A Weekend Visit', My Story and My Experience. I have always desired to have a supernatural encounter with the Lord. I have heard a lot of Biblical stories about the...

A Virgin @ 36 – Losing My Virginity Soon

Dear Editor, Kindly permit me to express my happiness on your blog. I chose to send you this info about my personal life because your blog is a Christian website and I feel it’s appropriate...

Why You Must Tell Your Own Story

Every experience you go through is worth sharing no matter how ugly it may be. It is not how ugly the story may be that matters but the lessons that could change lives; lives...

A Dead Pastor Witnessed His Funeral Service

It was early morning when Rev. Yawson woke up to pray and seek the face of God for more power and anointing to minister. He would be ministering at the ongoing mega revival prayer...

Will Pastor Accept ‘Fornication Money’ For Church Offering?

Any time I go to church and Pastor Abongo tongue-lash immoral and corrupt people, my heart aches and thumps heavily in my chest as if to come out. Sometimes, I wonder whether he has...
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