Having A Big Head is No Advantage in Life


When I was in Basic School 2, there was this big headed boy who by default had the biggest head among the 25 pupils in the class. The most annoying thing about this was his arrant pride in the fact that he was the most brilliant child in the class.

My greatest source of worry was not the fact that he always topped the class in any exams or test conducted but in the fact that God did not bless me with a ‘big head’ and a big brain. The situation was worsened by teachers who used to praise and tease this boy that he had big brains just like the size of his big head.

In my childish thoughts, I concluded that to be the best in class and life, the size of one’s head is a major factor to be successful. Little did I know that latter events will throw my childish wisdom into confusion.

That same term, we had a new pupil from another school joining my class. She was the tiniest pupil in the class next to me. I pitied this small girl on the fact that she had the smallest head and would be last during exams. To my uttermost dismay, she topped the class during the next exams. This brought several disturbing questions about why she topped the class with the smallest brain amongst us.

The success of this little girl and the encouraging words of my teachers motivated me and surprisingly, I also topped the class. Today, I cast my eyes on the memory lanes and I learnt some lessons in life. In fact, having a big head is no advantage in life but the size of your ideas, creativity and potentials are what really matters in life. Having a big head doesn’t matter at all but it is the contents of your head that matters.


Lessons from the story

  1. Success and excellence are not inherent or embedded in the size of one’s head but in the size of your efforts and how much you use your brains to transform your own life and better the lots of others.
  1. Success and excellence are not the reserve of those who are physically beautiful, tall and looking very attractive. We all have the tendency to excel when we do our best.
  1. If you compare yourself and potentials to others, you will end up performing poorly in life. You are unique and different from all others.
  1. Regardless of your race, how far you can go and do exploit in life is not determined by the colour of your skin but the power of your mind and unleashed potentials.
  1. You need information, revelation and a new experience to debunk the old and unsuccessful ideologies you are holding on to. The arrival of the smallish and tiniest girl in my class was my eye opener. The motivation of teachers was the catalyst that propelled me to succeed. You need a new level of information and experience altogether if you are stuck in life.
  1. Until you change your mind about your weaknesses and limitations in your life, you aren’t going anywhere in life.
  1. No one is useless. It is just a matter of time. Some people are late starters and developers. The fact that you are doing better today does not mean their time to do exploits will never come.

So you see, having a big head is no advantage in life. It is all a matter of identifying your potentials and doing your very best in life.

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