10 Reasons to Support Someone’s Dreams. Part. 2


This is the volume 2 of the article, 10 reasons to support someone’s dreams, vision and goals in life even as you also pursue your own dreams. If you have not read the background story (Part 1) of article yet, then pause and click here to read now:10 Reasons to Support Someone’s Dream

6. Don’t Give Up

Sometimes, you may find yourself in the worst hostile environment full of pain, disappointment, setbacks and the worst ever but do not give up no matter what you go through. The right time will surely come when your dreams will materialize. Unfortunately, Joseph found himself in prison for a crime he did not commit while discharging his duties.

While in prison, he interpreted the dream of an inmate who promised to assist him to get out of prison when all was well with him but he finally forgot Joseph but Joseph did not give up. The fact that everyone is promising and failing you doesn’t mean you should give up. Finally, Joseph had to interpret Pharaoh’s dream before he was released out of prison to achieve his own dreams.

The irony here is that he was able to interpret many people’s dreams and they came to pass but no one interpreted his own dreams for him to know exactly how it will happen. The success of Pharaoh’s dream led to the achievement of his own dreams. We can deduce wisdom here that, when you assist someone to achieve his dreams, you will also achieve yours one day.


7. Keep Your Dreams and Hope Alive

It doesn’t matter the kind of troubles you are going through now, there is hope if you will not give up on your dreams and in life. Instead of Joseph becoming a great leader and a prime minister per his dreams, he rather ended up being accused and imprisoned for attempting to rape his master’ wife. Are you facing the reverse of things in your life? Thus instead of moving forward in life, you are rather moving backwards, stagnated or things aren’t going well at all?

Do not give up. According to the plan of God for Joseph’s life, he has to go down in life even before a slave to become a prisoner and from the prison, he became, the great leader that he dreamt about. .

8. You Get Connected to People

Sometimes, you may struggle for a long time and move slowing in life because you are not connected to the right people and doing it all by yourself. Joseph was able to ascend to the thrown as a prime minister because he was connected to some people who could not assist him financially but were able to recommend him to the king. There is no useless person in this world. It is just a matter of time. The very person that assisted Joseph to achieve his dreams was not the CEO of another company but another servant.

Value people and invest into quality relationship with people if you want to go far in life. You may have no idea when the person you look down on will be of great help to you.

9. Develop Yourself and Build Your Capacity

Working with smarter people is the best way to develop yourself and build your capacity. Joseph was surrounded by a lot of people with different skills and special duties and this assisted him to build a strong and irresistible capacity to enable him to function in that high office. If you are dreaming of achieving your dreams, vision and goals in life, then make sure that you develop the right capacity for the next big thing.

10. The Secrets of Joseph’s Success was God.

Those who know their God shall surely do exploits. The secret of Joseph was his God who was always with him, giving him the meaning of dreams and the ability to do the impossible. With God, all things are possible. Even in prison, the Bible Joseph prospered in all he did because God was with him. You can be successful in life even in prison.



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