A loving wife for life is a rare gift. It takes a woman with a vision and the ability to see beyond today to stick to you in your worst beginning without a clearer picture of the future. These kinds of women are precious and need to be praised. With love and understanding, they will be with you whether rain or shine.

Lucky is the man that finds such a woman to marry but woe to the man who finds the woman whose love and attention are engineered and motivated by the materials of today. Oh yes, who can get a loving wife for life?

Do not despise your small beginning; there is a bigger seed of greatness being nursed in you. At the right time, you will sprout and blossom for all to see the hidden beauty of greatness in you.

To the men, when you think you are on top of the world; do not reject your old wife who toiled with you, prayed and hoped that all will be well with you tomorrow and then go in for a young lady. Do not despise your loving wife for life when things get better for she understands you better than the new one you want to marry.

To the women, when life gives you bitter pills and society shows your husband all the ills in the economy for life to be hard, do not leave him for no condition is permanent. There are better opportunities and smiles ahead.

I now understand why Mr. Barrack Obama loves his wife dearly. She is a loving wife for life.



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