I’ve never seen anyone that wakes up each morning and goes straight to pick up yesterday’s rubbish in the dustbin or trashcan to use them again. It doesn’t happen this way and it’s not normal to have such event in real life situation. You leave the rubbish in the dustbin.

It’s called trashcan or dustbin because that’s where the trashes of life belong but not in your heart or life. Don’t keep them there.

Try going to the dustbin for the old rubbish and then you will realize that you will be

. Uncomfortable

. Smelling


. Lose your confidence

. Can’t mingle with people

. Spoil your garment (the beauty of life)

The above list is what happens to you whenever you wake up and start thinking about yesterday’s problems. What is past is past! Learn from the worst experiences and the negative things in life, give thanks to God for delivering you from them, move on in life and hope for the best in Christ Jesus.

We are far better off without some people and some things in life than to have them around and life will be meaningless. Anything that has been put in the dustbin has finished its purpose in your life and the next best place to put them is the dustbin. You spoil the ambience and smell of your life and room when you keep them around you. They will smell and spoil the beauty of your life. Drop them in the dustbin.

There is total sanity in your life when you are alone than with people who make you go insane. Don’t cry when you lose some friends, some people or some things in life. May be, they have finished serving their purpose. Don’t play with matters of the heart. They can render you useless and cause you so much pain in life. Tell yourself that, “My Heart Is Not A Dustbin”. “I won’t allow anything negative into my heart; it belongs to the dustbin”.

Remember, anyone that doesn’t deserve your love, time and money is a trap to your soul and an ingredient for unhappy life.

Free yourself off any thought that hurts. Anyone that comes to mess up your life is not sent by God because God promised us in Jeremiah 29:11 that I know the plans I have for you; plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a better future you hope for

Tell yourself, “It is well with my soul” when you encounter any situation in life. Remember that your heart is not a dustbin.



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