11 Bad Perceptions People Have About Singles Whose Marriage Delay


Do you know the troubles and the perceptions people have about singles simply because your marriage has delayed? Sometimes, the single ladies, especially, hide in their rooms, weep and lament and wonder when they will be hooked up and wedded. One of the things people forget is that, meeting the right partner and getting married is not just like going to the mall and picking items on the shelves and bingo, that is it.

There could be several factors leading to late marriage. When done reading, kindly share your views and experience with us.

11 Bad Perceptions People Have About Singles Whose Marriage Delay

  1. You have too high standards and still searching for such unattainable standards

It is not every man or woman that is still single because of preference for high standards of the caliber of man or woman one wants to marry. It is wrong for people to have such thoughts and start calling singles whose marriages have delayed with all kinds of names. The best thing you should do is to pray for such singles and if possible, get closer to them and assist them in any way possible instead of badmouthing them.

  1. You may have a spiritual husband or wife

One of the serious perceptions people have about you when your marriage delays is that you may have a spiritual husband or wife that is preventing men or women from coming near you. Though this could be true in some cases, it is not all delayed marriages that are caused by spiritual husbands and wives. Discard such perceptions.

  1. You are under a curse

In some churches, most of their all night services and breakthrough prayers are normally filled with singles who in one way or the other have been told that a spell has been cast on them and that is preventing them from marrying. Some pastors do organize special curse breaking programs for singles whose marriages are delayed but could this always be the case? It could be one of those negative perceptions which have no bearing on the realities on the ground.

  1. You are immoral and you enjoy illicit affairs with many partners

I have come across many people who believe and have the wrong perceptions that singles whose marriages have delayed may be immoral and may be hopping from one partner to another for money, sexual pleasure and other material things. This perception is very bad. There are many singles who are more righteous and holier than many married adults and are determined not to mess up. It is important to note that not all singles or unmarried young adults are into immoral activities with many sexual partners.

  1. You do not have money to prepare and marry

It is so annoying when people keep asking: haven’t you made enough money to get settled down with a man or woman? At other times, you may hear questions like: you can’t get all the money and everything in the world before you marry so decide now. It is important to know that not all young adults are still single because of not having enough money to marry. Some are very rich and yet, still remained single for one reason or the other.

  1. Your bad character wards off potential suitors

In our part of the world, it seems it is a serious crime for a beautiful lady to remain single without any responsible man in her life and this becomes worse when such a person’s marriage delays. Many people have the notion that if a beautiful woman remains single, then it could be due to her bad character and immoral behaviours that ward off potential suitors. Technically, some young people may decide to become celibates so one should kindly respect their choices in life. It is not everyone that is supposed to marry.

  1. You are not a real man or woman

For the men, people think that a real man is the one who makes his wife sweats profusely in bed but not her eyes and once you are not getting married, they may believe that you are impotent or have a critical medical condition that scares you from marriage. And for the women too, people might think you might have lived an immoral life and committed several abortions which may have damaged your womb, hence cannot support any seed in your womb so you decide to stay away from marriage.

  1. You have suffered from bad relationships and scared of another

It is very funny to know how people think of all forms of bad things about you when they are not getting the right answers to their doubts and questions. Sometimes, people may largely attribute your late marriage to bad relationships and marriages which are scaring you from entering into another. Though this could be a major factor for some people, this may not be applicable to all people.

  1. You are saving and planning for expensive marriage

It is not true that every single man or woman wants an extravagant wedding? That is a total deception. There are many millionaires who opted for court weddings and invited only a few friends. Others also opted for low budget weddings. It is not all singles whose marriages have delayed desire to have expensive weddings.

  1. Your education and high ambitions are delaying your marriage

Sometimes, people may think that your delayed marriage could be attributed to your desire to climb higher, the academic ladder, establish your dream business or build your house first.

  1. Still Waiting For The Perfect Partner Who Doesn’t Exist

One of the funny perceptions people have about singles whose marriages are delayed is that you are still waiting for that perfect person who does not necessarily exist but only exist in your mind.

Did I miss anything about the negative perceptions people have about singles whose marriage delay? Kindly share your experience with us.




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