Marriage Anniversary


A Conversation between a husband and wife about their marriage anniversary.

Wife:               Honey, today is our 14th Wedding Anniversary

Hubby:            Oh really

Wife:               Yeah and it also falls on 14th February, which is Valentine Day

Hubby:            Oh, I see

Wife:               This is called Celebration 1414. Let’s celebrate it well.

Hubby:            How about fasting and prayers?

Wife:               Just fasting and prayers and nothing special?

Hubby:            Yes

Wife:               Why?

Hubby:            I’m sure for the first time God Himself will be surprised to know that we are still living together despite our numerous fights for 14 years. Isn’t God a great God to have done this? Let’s fast and pray just to thank Him.


  1. A great pieve. Keep on doing the great work. Am honoured to be the first person to pass comment. In ur awards day remember me oo. Hahahaaaaaa.


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