My Love! What Kind of Relationship is This?


My love, My Love! Why do you always take delight in breaking my heart?

I love you so much and always with you but you treat me as if I’m a million mile away from you.

Each day, I long to talk to you, hear your voice and share fellowship with you but you shut your ears and only talk to me when you feel like doing so. And when you talk to me, it’s always full of beggary and aggression.

O my Love, what kind of relationship is this? Any time you want to talk to me, I knew it’s just another time to make a request. You only remember me and acknowledge my existence when you are in need. As soon as you get what you want, you choose to go your own way and forget about me.

It breaks my heart so much when you decide to spend the quality and prime hours of your time with friends, love ones, on sinful pleasures and doing business and only come to me when you are broken hearted, wounded, worn out, disappointed and in pain.


You only take delight in talking to me in prayer sometimes but will not wait and listen to what I have for you. What kind of relationship is this that only one partner talks but will not listen to the other party? You are always in a hurry to leave my presence after talking but won’t stay a little longer to hear my voice that will direct you, bring you success and illuminate your path.

O my love, do not give me the leftovers of your time; yes, I deserve the quality time that you reserve for the things that you love too. Why do you expert extraordinary attention from me when you always give me the leftovers of your time?

Why do you expect abundant blessings from me when you practically make yourself unavailable for my works and give me your leftovers as offering? To you, your business is your priority and the most important to you. You do not even spend a minute each day to say ‘thank you’ for even the strength and life that I have given you.

O my love, what kind of relationship is this that I’m only reduced to a listening machine and an ATM without a voice?

My love, My Love, do not break my heart with the very things I asked you not to do. Remember, my love for you abounds. Walk in my Presence and you will forever live in my joy and peace.

Your Lover,

I Am That I Am.



  1. Very inspiring and worth the time reading it. This article has made me to think about my relationship with God again and readjust my life for the better. Thanks so much for this eye opening piece.

  2. I have paste your article in my face book. With my thoughts:
    A voice for the voiceless. Sometimes, it seem so hard to be real and ask. Not to believe -seem a easier road than to ask and be crushed. A heart is called to Believe. The heart that has no heart to believe… is a dying heart. A child heart has once upon a time Believes – it is worth believing. But learn how not to. Hope defers makes the heart sick. But thanks be to God who give us the Faith to revive Hope. For Faith is the substance of Hope. God has room for a sad heart. A weeping Heart. A grieve Heart. He can hear us out – when we felt our voice is not heard. Drown in the many … issues of life. He has already clothe us in his righteousness. So we must put it on, on our part to hold conversations with him. So that it will not break down as heart breaking thots and emotions can get choked, in the way of trying to find a voice. For fiery darts fights its way in the battle of the mind control. To keep conversation on health dimension(heaven will be done on earth); and to get your spirit man to talk about soul matters, speak in the spirit man language. 11 letters. I give thanks… (for every thot that u speak) and his presence cleanse the heart. A river of life flows in till u are refresh and encouraged; edified and built up. Praise Be to God

    • Thanks so much Candy for doing the reading and sharing this. We pray and trust God that our lives will be touched and transformed to meet God in true worship and not a hypocritical worship before Him. Bless you for sharing.


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