You’ve Got To Run to Your Destiny


Man, you’ve got to run to your destiny. Each and every one of us has a race to run in life; a different race altogether, different path altogether and different ways and methods altogether but you know what; there is no shortcut to run that race. You’ve got to run to your own destiny yourself.

Respond to the Call to Run to Your Destiny

Can you hear the call to run the race of your destiny? Can you see people getting ready and others already in full flight to their destination? Can you see people who are really making it in life? Can you see people giving testimonies because they decided to run and not sit down? You have to respond to the call to run to your destiny now. It is time to respond to your call. Yes, it is time to respond. You have to make up your mind now. You have to decide to run to your destiny.  Look, many people can help you but no one can run your race for you. Man, you’ve got to run to your destiny.

The Time Is Not Stopping But Ticking

Right from the time you were conceived in your mother’s womb, your destiny was formed even before you were born. Don’t forget that your life on earth is time bound. Yes, the clock of your life is ticking and will never stop just because you have decided to stop. Get up and run to your destiny. You cannot sit down and watch the time tick away slowly and in silence. Oh no! You cannot sit down for life to be wasted.


You Messed Up and Things Are Bad And So What?

You have messed up and so what? You have been disappointed and so what? You have been cheated in life and so what? You have been brokenhearted, deceived, abused, used and dumped and so what? The economy is bad and difficult to survive and so what? Business isn’t booming, people are losing their jobs and many horrible things are just happening and so what? Your parents didn’t really support your education and so you really suffered and is that the end of your life?

My dear, get up and start running again to your goal, your targets and your vision in life. Your destiny cannot be wasted if you really make an effort to achieve your very purpose on earth. Oh yes, you can start all over again eve if you need to start afresh.

Listen to me! You can turn your mess into a message. You can become a volunteer speaker at programs, a motivational speaker and the like. Let me tell you this, everyone is fallible so long as we are all human. If you think your story is worth sharing and encouraging, then your mess is not really a waste but an inspirational story to someone who is also going through a similar problem.

Those Who Have Made It Are Not Better Than You

My friends, you’ve got to run to your destiny. You know why? Those who have made it are not better than you. Those who are recognized and applauded are not super humans but ordinary people like you who decided to do things in an extraordinary way. Oh yes! You are not useless, my dear. It is just that may be your time of usefulness has not yet come. God did not create anyone to be useless in life. If you think so, then you’ve got to run to your destiny and there you will realize how useful and important you are to society and your generation.

Don’t Mind The Critics and All The Negative People

Here come your critics? They have every fact about your strengths and weaknesses; they know all the 10 Reasons Why You Cannot Succeed. They are experts and renowned authorities in analyzing and predicting the future. Tell them that the story has changed. Yes, there is a revised version of the story. It is now: 10 Reasons Why I Can and a bonus one called 10 Reasons Why His Grace is Sufficient on Me for Exploits

Don’t believe their lies! Ignore their predictions and expert analyses. They have no idea of what will even happen tomorrow and how why should I totally believe all the negative things they say about your life.

Don’t Stop Running

Man, don’t stop running. Get up if you have fallen down. Get up if you are weak and feeling sleepy. Get up if you have been deceived and disappointed and cheated on your way. You don’t stop moving because some people have decided not to move forward in life. Get connected to the right people and get on track again. Oh yes, don’t stop moving. It is too early to call it a quit. Remember that quitters never win and winners too never quit.

Don’t Stop Because of Distraction and Detractors

In the Olympic Games, you don’t stop running because people are calling you names. You don’t stop running because people are trying all they could to make you lose focus for their favourite athlete to win the game. You have to stay focus. As you run towards achieving your destiny, many distractions and detractors may come.

Beware of the people you spend a lot of your time. These people could be detractors who may bring a lot of distraction along the way.

Run Light Without A Burden

Man, You’ve Got to Run to Your Destiny but it has to be done with a light weight. I am yet to see the man who runs with a heavy load and is able to outrun his competitors and win a prize. Carrying a load is a burden. You cannot go far in life if you are still holding to the weight (burdens) of the past, broken marriage, disappointments, failure and all the tall list of painful memories in your life.

Drop those burdens now. They will amount to nothing if you keep on thinking about them. They will rather destroy the beauty of the future and block your chances of appreciating the very important things in your life.

Run With The Right People

In life, we all have a different race and a purpose to achieve. However, it is important to know that there are some people who might be running along the same path with you. These people may have already arrived at their destinations or they have just gone ahead of you, at the same level with you or behind you.

Whatever be the case, you know that sometimes, running alone is very boring and tiring but have you considered this saying: “

These are some of the important people you have to run with to your destiny.

  • Mentors
  • Trusted friends and family
  • Businessmen
  • Legal practitioners
  • Religious Men
  • Doctors
  • Partners and many other people.

Your Generation Awaits Your Testimony

My brother, my Sister, your generation is eagerly awaiting your testimony. They have waited long enough for that encouraging stories and testimonies to give them hope, lighten their path to move on and serve as a benchmark for their success. You cannot afford to fail your generation so you’ve got to run to your destiny. You have no idea the great potentials you carry within you.

A Glorious Future Lies Ahead

Imagine the glory that awaits you when you do your best to run the race to your destiny and you finally succeed. Oh yes, someone is eagerly waiting to say: “I thank God for your life”. Another person is waiting to give a testimony to say: “I thank God I Met You”.

Oh very soon, things will get better. There is no glory for the man who has given up and refused to run the race to his destiny. There is no award and recognition for the man who calls it a quit. To those who run a good race and fight a good fight, there is remembrance for them even when they are dead and gone.



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