The Funny Old Woman: You Can’t Stop Laughing

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The Funny Old Woman: You Can’t Stop Laughing. You Need to Meet Her One Day

A preacher was getting late for a preaching appointment in a new town. Tried as he could, he could not find his direction and unfortunately, he forgot to pick his phone out of haste. He approached an old lady siting by the roadside to seek her assistance for direction.

“Hello Granny, can you direct me to the Seven Angels Chapel?” he asked.

“Oh that is not too far from here”, the old lady responded. “Just drive northward along the main road, drive, drive, drive and drive until you come across a blue lotto kiosk, don’t mind the lotto man in the kiosk, drive pass him. Drive, drive and drive until you come across a T-Junction.

“Turn to your right and drive, drive, drive and drive until you see a short woman selling at a fast food joint. Don’t stop to ask for directions because she won’t mind you thinking you are a customer who wants to skip the queue to buy food. Just continue to drive until you meet a crippled man who always sits at a small junction to beg for money. Ask him of the direction to the church… He lives just beside that church but he doesn’t like attending church at all. That is the only problem I have with him and he won’t listen to my advice too. He prefers to sit by the roadside and beg for money and have his fair share of the offerings people will give on that day.


“Pastor, let me warn you. He will pretend to stammer to make his condition look worse to attract your sympathy and demand money for giving you direction. He is the only cripple that charges people for giving them direction.

“Aha, that reminds me. In case you get there and the crippled man gets enough money and leaves earlier, drive back to me and I’ll tell you what to do next?”, she ended her direction and smiled at the preacher.

The preacher man, who was late and didn’t want to look rude by walking away but decided to have some little patience and listen the old woman was shocked and didn’t know what to tell her.

The old woman, having realized the preacher man wasn’t talking decided to ask him a question.

“Pastor, are you confused or you didn’t get the direction well”, she asked. “Don’t worry! I’m very kind and patient enough to start all over again until you get the direction right”, she added.

“Oh, I’ve got it. Thanks so much for your time. I really appreciate it”, the preacher said and sped away.

The old woman stared at him and shook her head and said: “I know he will certainly be lost. I see it written all over his face. If you cannot get this simple direction then how do you expect your church members to understand the difficult things you preach on the platform”.

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