God Did Not Call Us To Disgrace Us


I have seen many men who started well, got huge public attention and elevation in life but messed up later on at the end. I have also seen people who started on a bad note, they were despised and struggled in life and later got elevation and attention but still messed up at the end. And I have also seen those who kept the faith, maintained their dignity and finished well. Whatever be the case, God did not call us to disgrace us. You need to stay connected to God and receive the grace for completion. God said He will finish and perfect what He has started in your life so stay connected.

In Jeremiah 29:11, God Himself declared: “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.

I have not seen anyone who walked with God closely, shunned evil, lived a holy life and paid obeisance to the word of God and remained to live a disgraceful life and struggled in life.

Our walk with God is full of love. The whole of the Bible is full of the promises of God for humanity when we obey His Word and shun evil, live a holy life and according to the purpose and will of God.

God did not call us to disgrace us. You may be disgraced in many instances for being a Christian but that does not mean that God called you to live a disgraceful life. You may be going through many temptations and many hard times in your life but God did not call you to disgrace you.


The end of one’s life is far better than the beginning. The plans of God are not to disgrace us but to prosper us and give us a better future. God is concerned more about your end, your future more than the painful and disgraceful experiences you have passed through in your life.

Whatever the challenges you are going through, remember that God did not call us to disgrace us.



  1. I truely acknowledged the fact that my Father in heaven will never put us to shame.He knows our pain and how heavenly laden we are at heart and he is god who brings peace not disgrace.praise the Lord.


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