A Virgin @ 36 – Losing My Virginity Soon


Dear Editor,

Kindly permit me to express my happiness on your blog. I chose to send you this info about my personal life because your blog is a Christian website and I feel it’s appropriate to share it here to reach millions of your readers.

My name is Milly, a 36-year-old pretty lady whose hand will be held to walk down the aisle tomorrow to be called Mrs. I was born naturally beautiful and everywhere I went, people called me names such as pretty queen, hot babe, queen of beauty, beauty of beauties, the lilly of the valley, the pride of men, mother of nature, world beauty queen and the likes that I cannot remember.

By age 7, my mum became worried and very careful and watchful about the kind of friends that came around me especially the opposite sex. And by age 15, I became the center of attraction everywhere I went all because of my stunning beauty and the “killer” back of a woman I was blessed with.

As for men, I have been receiving countless proposals just as I change my undies each day. Even on the days that I would be indoors, my phone would ring continuously from strangers and a lot of unscrupulous men who were only interested in extracting the crude oil in between my legs just for pleasure.

Unfortunately for some ladies, they have resorted to butt enlargement creams and other drugs in the black market thinking those were the very things that gave me big butts. My mum has been of great help during my naïve and vulnerable days. She never allowed me to go out and come back alone for fear of being rape from evil men.


My greatest joy was not in the fact that I have managed to keep myself pure, spotless and undefiled but in the fact that I knew the Lord earlier and my encounter with Him transformed my life. I vowed to God to assist me never to become like those girls whose assets were only their beautiful, curvy body and shapes. I made a promise to God to assist me to marry as a virgin and never spoil myself and be a bad girl.

I think God has been faithful to me. I’m getting married at 36 very soon. It wasn’t that I was choosy when it comes to marriage, hence the delayed marriage but I chose a path that a few women would. At 36, I hold two Masters’ Degree from two universities and I’m the proud CEO of one giant business in the country. I chose a path different from other women whose assets are only their boobs and butts all because of their beauty but chose not to use their brains. I am a proud woman of virtue, blessed and bathed with stunning beauty and above all, a very pretty religious lady with brains.

I knew my beauty will fade some time to come. I knew my big butts will fall some few years to come and my sexy breasts will also fall flat on my chest. At that time, I knew I would have no market value if my body were my only source of income and the very men who praised and hailed my body will shift their attention to younger ladies to get what they wanted. These I knew and God gave me wisdom so I used my brains to choose a way of happiness for my future.
It wasn’t an easy task though with such tempting and sexy ‘goods’ behind me as a pretty lady. God has assisted me throughout my days of the worst tempting singlehood years ever littered with
1. 10 unsuccessful attempted rapes
2. 3 nearly forced marriages to financial gurus who tried to bride my parents
3. Over 1000 proposals from men; at least one a day.
4. Tempting and juicy monetary and material offers from overly rich guys
5. The difficult pressure from peers and family members.
6. 2 times a lecturer deliberately decided to fail me when I refused his sexual demands.
7. 1 unsuccessfully attempt of lacing my drink with date rape drugs.
8. 7 times I was asked by CEO’s to offer my body for enviable positions though I passed the job interview but I refused.

I will soon be someone’s wife. I will be married to a simple and a humble man who doesn’t have it all but has me at heart. He doesn’t have a car yet but trust me, his care and love alone cannot be compared to the most expensive cars to me. With my Francis, I’m okay in life. Life is not all about material blessings without happiness but real happiness can be translated into any form of blessings.

I’m still at a virgin at 36; pure, spotless, undefiled and blameless but tomorrow will mark the end of my pride, my virtue and my cherished virginity. I am proud to say I’m not those kinds of virgins who messed up in many ways and had orgasms without sexual intercourse and still call themselves virgins.

I have made it and stood against all the pressure. To you the young ladies reading my story, you can also make it. You do not have to mess up your life to try or experiment sex. Sex is not everything in relationship but something that drives relationships and marriages like crazy. I know sex after marriage will be beautiful and I know Francis, my darling too won’t spare me at all. Hahahahaha.

My life! My Experience! My story!

Writer: Milly
Christoinfo Contributor

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  1. Waoow, what a lovely and a transforming story. Eld. Ernest, kindly publish this in a national news paper and I bet you, other ladies would be encouraged to live their lives in purity, and in having good brains instead of them loosing it to irresponsible people who do not even deserve them. May God bless you.

  2. Beautiful article from an equally beautiful & virtuous lady. Hope young ladies of today would read & learn from it. God bless your marriage.


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