2 Pre-Wedding Photoshoots People Are Still Talking About


Over the past few years, people have become creative in their pre-wedding photoshoots to announcement the solemnization of their holy matrimony. Though creativity is key and has become the order of the day, some of these photos which have gone viral, leave much to be desired.

Recently, one of the team members of infochristo.com came across these two pre-wedding photoshoots and we too cannot stop talking about it and we will love to share our thoughts on these with you.

Let’s talk about these 2 Pre-Wedding Photoshoots People Are Still Talking About.

  1. The Adam & Eve Couple



Marriage is unique and sweet when you meet the right person to share your love, the rest of your life and live with that person. The first ever marriage took place in the Garden of Eden between Adam and Eve. These days, many people try to take pre-wedding photoshoot to depict the original love that brewed in the life of the first ever couple. That is an awesome idea.

What is more disturbing about these picture was the apple the supposed Eve gave to Adam that led to the downfall of man. Does it mean that the woman has already given any forbidden fruit to Adam to eat and fall already before entering the marriage or she will definitely give him a poisonous apple one day? Just asking oooo without any dirty mind here?

Though the picture came under heavy criticism from people all over on social media, doing away with the apple would have been a bit okay.

Mr. Adam and Mrs. Eve, we wish you guys well in your marriage but Eve, please make sure you will not eat any poisonous apple and give some to your husband.

  1. The Mrs. & Mrs. Lotto Operator

Eeeiii, Mr. and Mrs. Lotto Operator. The picture was creative though but many eyebrows were raised on the choice of a lotto kiosk being used.

Why are people condemning these two would-be couple? Well, people generally know that lotto is a game, a form of gambling and something full of uncertainties. Lotto is a win or lose venture and one wonders why the would-be couple’s pre-wedding photoshoot should be done in such a setup.

Anyway, we wish them well in their marriage.

What did you say about these two pictures when you first came across them?

Share your views with us.





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