No More Each Other’s Keeper But A Killer


We live in a country where some people love to see people perish than save them. All of a sudden, technology has made us to lose our sense of belonging. We are rather interested in videoing the gruesome process of killing people than saving them.

Your brother needs help; he cries out not to an animal but a fellow human being who understands his pains and insecurities but instead of throwing your weight behind him to save him, you rather hit him harder with a heavier object.

Let’s all bow down in shame. This is not humanity but pure insanity and chasing after vanity.  We are no longer each other’s keeper but a killer of our own. This is not the country we used to boast of as the most loving and hospitable people in the world. We are no more each other’s keeper but a killer.

Oh Ghana, we have become but a bunch of hypocrites. We only act nice to foreigners more especially the white skin man but for our own, we look down and condemn.

We are no more each other’s keeper but a brood of poisonous killers.


We live in a country where there are laws enshrined in our constitution but never kept at heart and never implemented with our hands. We are but a lawless nation, a people of more talkers and little doers.

In the wake of a gruesome act, everyone seems to be concerned and passionately talks about it, the media will not disappoint but cover it with both the half-baked and the true story, social media as usual will make it go viral, there will be hot topics for gossip and discussion, hidden experts will certainly appear on our screens and speak big grammar but after a week, we all seem to forget about it and the culprits sometimes eventually go scot free.

We are no longer good Samaritans but the evil charlatans who act as lovers.

We are no more each other’s keeper but a killer

God have mercy on us!

God save us from evil doers!

God cleanses our land from bloodshed!




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