A Guide To Commenting On Posts: Jonathan Adzokpe


I have had many instances where people who may think differently from what I put out here disagree with me. That is fine. I don’t know it all, and in fact, in many instances, I get to learn. However, I have realized that there are some people who have an agenda to either come up with unnecessary debates, arguments, and even insults.

One thing we need to understand is that, everyone owns their Facebook walls; as such, anyone has the right to say whatever they want, of course, you must be responsible for what you say; thus, you are better off coming up with a discussion, or a humble spirit to learn than come at the person as though to call them a liar. It can be annoying sometimes, I must confess.

Here are a few ways you can learn to relate with people’s posts here;

  1. Just read and move on

I read tons and tons of posts on this platform; there are many I might disagree with, and others I agree with but I can count the number of times I commented especially on those I disagree with because I have always appreciated the fact that, my experiences and way of socialization are different from the author of the post. As such, it will be myopic for me to launch an attack or utterly disagree with the person. Perhaps all I thought I knew to be right must have been wrong. So, if I don’t have the time going through a discussion to better understand the perspective the person is writing from, I just move on. It doesn’t hurt to do that, you know.

  1. Read with an open mind and ask questions

Secondly, if you can’t just move on like I normally do, and you have time for a discussion, be sure to read with an open mind. Don’t read the post relating it to just your experiences. Ask questions like; could this person have gone through a certain experience for which they write what they have written? Is there another perspective I could see this to think like the writer? Is there something new I could learn from him/her? When you ask these questions and more, you’re being open-minded. You’re demonstrating an attribute of maturity and wisdom.

  1. Start a discussion

Many people come at the writer when they don’t agree. Worst of all, they launch an attack and call the writer names. Don’t do that. Start a discussion. If the person wrote something you do not necessarily agree with, you could start by saying; “Jonathan, from my experience, I know so, so, and so. But it looks like what you’ve written is another dimension from what I know. Can you elaborate some more?” That is wisdom. Whoever wrote the post would be so glad to join you in a discussion. But coming at the person or launching an attack will only get you rewarded with deleting your post, or getting you blocked.

  1. Inbox the person

If you wish, you can inbox the person than try to prove them wrong in the open. Don’t try to be a mister or mistress know-it-all and start a debate in the open if you are not a good debater. I can tell you there are some people, no matter how wrong they are and how right you are, you will always lose. How about just inboxing them for further clarification? That way, even if you “lose” the debate, you do so on the quiet rather than exposing your ignorance and shame.

I hope this Guide To Commenting On Posts helps!


  1. Good article! Please don’t get discouraged by the insults. Actually you should expect them all the time. Remember the saying “… great minds discuss ideas.” ?


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