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Imagine A Man

Imagine a man that prays for you.

Imagine a man that stands in the gab for you

Imagine a man who comes through the door with a warm smile and the hands to carry you even when he has had a bad day

Imagine a man who defends you in public and corrects you in love in your hideout


Imagine a man

Imagine a man who is not afraid to grow old with you and he isn’t scared of your wrinkled face, your flat butts and fallen breasts.

Imagine a man

Just imagine a man who loves you and you alone; always there for you and will not suppress you for any reason but allows you to be.

Imagine a man who would not leave you alone to fight a war for the two of you or ask you to fix it all by yourself but fights together with you spiritually and physically.

Imagine a man.

Imagine a man who cannot be with you 24/7, 365/1 but still knows you are precious and tries to be there for you.

Imagine a man who treats every woman as a treasure of God and tries his best not to let any woman cry.

In fact, imagine a man who gets things done for his family in your name and not his.

Imagine a man who knows he can’t be the world’s hero but calls on his Creator to order his steps and calm his ego and pride down

Imagine this man….


This is a man after God’s own heart

Hurray to all the COURAGEOUS men out there!

Writer: Gifty Houston, Accra.  


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