How I Slept In Satanic Maggots But God Delivered Me


How I Slept In Satanic Maggots But God Delivered Me. It was after church service on Sunday, 20th March, 2016. I went on personal visitation to pray for sick friends and loved ones.. I got home after 11pm and I decided to edit some articles to be published on my website the following day before retiring to bed.

About fifteen minutes later, I began to feel some tingling strange movements around me but I ignored them. As it persisted, I decided to cast a quick glance at the strange feelings around me. To my uttermost dismay, I saw big maggots all over where I slept on the bed.

I shouted “Jesus” and flung myself onto the floor at once. I took time to really examine what stared me in the face and I could not believe my eyes. It was maggots! Yes, big maggots were all over my bed. Without any atom of fear, I collected them onto a dustpan and began to search for the possible way of entering my room and being on my bed.

I checked the roof, the entire room, every corner, any joint and lifted my mattress to check under the bed but there was nothing; no possible traces of any entry. There was not even a single maggot on the floor but only on my bed. What really amazed me most was how the maggots were carefully positioned at the side of the bed where I have been sleeping. And how could all those maggots climb my bed and position themselves at one place?

After all those fruitless efforts to detect their possible means of entry, I realized that those maggots were not just ordinary maggots. It was more of a spiritual attack projected against me. How did they (as many as they were) enter my room that was carefully locked since morning?


After praying, I burnt all of them, made some declarations and said:

The debris of the burnt maggots
The debris of the burnt maggots

“You devil! I do not need to remind you over and over again that no weapon fashioned against me will prosper. I command you to leave my room in Jesus’ name. For your information, my Bible tells me that I have overcome you through the Blood of the Lamb and by my Word of Testimony.

You are only playing the defeatist’s role but my Jesus Christ is the Winner in my life. I’m going to sleep on the same bed and have a sound sleep with wonderful dreams and if you wish, you can appear in any form again if only you are not afraid of being subdued by the power of God”.

A true life encounter

And My Testimony

Ernest K. Akorli 

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