A Telephone Conversation


A telephone conversation between Kimpo and Celine, a difficult young lady who doesn’t want to give attention to him knowing well that Kimpo was looking for every possible means to propose to her.

Kimpo:           Hi, Beauty Queen

Celine:            Is that your new way of greeting?

Kimpo:           No, I’m only addressing you as my Beauty Queen

Celine:            Oh really!

Kimpo:           Sure. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

Celine:            Please spare me the insults.

Kimpo:           Insults?

Celine:            Yes. You know it yourself that I’m not the most beautiful woman you have ever seen

Kimpo:           I know right but among all women, you are the most beautiful to me.

Celine:            You can say that to other women but not me. My mind tells me that I’m not the kind of woman you are describing with those flattery words.

Kimpo:           Oh I see. Your mind has really proved to you that you are indeed very ugly and nothing can change that.

Celine:            Excuse me! Hello?

(Kimpo silently hangs up the phone)



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