Your Breakthrough or Breakdown Depends on How You Treat People


Many people think they have the right and the power to insult, talk harshly to people and do all manner of things. Do not think you can just talk to people harshly anyhow you want so long as you are the boss or manager and your subordinates or those under you are obliged to obey and keep quiet.

Be careful how you treat and talk to people more especially, those above you and those under you because they may have the information leading to your breakthrough or breakdown in life.

Naaman, the whole Army Commander of Syria (2 Kings 5), would have died with his disgraceful leprosy without any solution if the little maid in the house hadn’t given the information leading to his healing and total restoration.

The information for Naaman’s healing and breakthrough didn’t come from the Ministry of Health, neither is it from the Ministry of Information nor the National Intelligence Unit or even the BNI. Sometimes, the people you respect so much and think can be of help to you in times of need may not even have any idea of where you can get the solution you want. Your solutions may be with the maid you don’t respect in the house, the security man you have been insulting or the errand boy you think is empty headed. Yes, they may be useless to you but they have vital and useful information that you rather need.

Today, there are many people like Naaman with character, attitudinal, spiritual and physical leprosies. It is a disgraceful thing about them that destroys their lives, business, marriage and other important things in life but they are not humble enough to be approached and given any suggestions and solutions.


Sometimes, it takes humility, respect and kindness to get the breakthrough that you want but not through any strategic business plan or the connections you have in life.

Saul became king in Israel (1 Samuel 9-13) because his servant knew a man of God and led him to see the Prophet Samuel. Surprisingly, the servant had to give his own pocket money to Saul as offering because Saul had no money on him by then to be given to the prophet. Your servants or those under you will be willing to assist you to succeed in life to make life worth living if you treat them well. On the other hand, they may withhold information from you and may deliberately do things to punish you and make life a living hell for you since you have been verbally abusing them and making their lives miserable.

Do not think you have all the professionals, diplomats and technocrats around you; do not think you are well connected to people in life so you do not need others who are not even recognized in the society. You may not have it all and that is why you need someone in your life to recommend and connect you for a breakthrough. The people that connected Naaman and Saul were not people of high nobility but a maid and a servant.

The mystery here from these two stories is that, the people who may sometimes be of great help to you leading to your breakthrough may not be the type of people who are of high reputation and can assist you financially. They may not have the money but they have something that your money wasn’t able to do for you for all this while.

It is very important to know that you may not be lucky to be in leadership positions all the time. You may not be rich forever. Tomorrow may be the turn of the very people you disrespected and treated them with disdain and they may do same to you in revenge. Tomorrow will be the turn of the very people you may regard as useless to occupy higher positions somewhere and you will need their assistance or authorization for something you have been fasting and praying for a breakthrough.

If you treat and talk to people well, others will also give you a special treat. Make life easy and worth living for others and they will also make life a living testimony and a memorial for you.

My good friend, treat and talk to people well because they may have the information leading to your breakthrough or breakdown in life, business, marriage, education and any aspect of life.

Life gets better when we respect and treat each other well. Remember to treat others as you want them to treat you.

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