What Is Your Second Function In Life?

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I was reading my Bible and typing the lessons learnt concurrently this morning and as I looked on the keyboard of my laptop, something dropped into my spirit. I took a closer look at the keyboard of my laptop very well and I realized that almost all the individual keys have second functions. Usually, this is done with a combination of the Shift, Alt or Control Keys.

After the observation, I heard a voice asking: What is your second function in life? I thought critically about this and realized the following.

God is a wise God; He never created anyone or anything to be useless. No one is useless on this earth. If your time of usefulness has not yet come, people may regard you as useless.

God in His own wisdom created many things in pair such as man and woman, male and female animals and many more.

And for mankind, most of the things God created were in pairs namely: two nostrils, two eyes, two hands, two ears, two legs, two kidneys, two breasts and many more. In the wisdom of God, He was creating second functions and alternatives to those things created. As a matter of fact, a removal of one of those two pairs may not totally render the human body incapacitated.


My friends, your disability in one part of your body does not necessarily amount to your inability to do some things in life. God made you a multifunctional being. Your brain is multifunctional, whatever thing you can imagine and commit yourself to it is achievable. Whatever thing you make up your mind to do and channel your resources and efforts to is achievable.

Many of you are disappointed because you think losing a part of your body, opportunities and some important things in life render you useless. No, God made you multipurpose. There is a second function; there is a third, and oh, you have unlimited ideas and opportunities if only you will take the first steps.

Many of you have fallen out of love and sworn never to fall in love again and love another person. That is not the issue, my friends. The fact that one person broke your heart and disappointed you does not mean you will forever be hurt. There is another person waiting out there for the opportunity to treat you the way you want.

Do not write off yourself from life. There are countless opportunities. Many people are born without hands and legs and yet, they are already known as celebrities because they identified their second functions, utilized them and the whole world is proud of them now.

There is a second function in you. The fact that your first idea failed does not mean all other ideas will fail. The fact that that your first marriage failed does not mean all other marriages will fail. Try a new business idea, it will work. That friendship failed for a reason, the best is yet to come. Don’t be glued to the past; there is a second function, a better part of you that is yet to be discovered if only you will not give up in life but stand out to be different.

What is your second function in life?



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