21 Things You Will Regret One Day


Today, you have the opportunity to do so many things that will benefit you to make your life secured for the future and the life hereafter. Today, you are alive and kicking and that is not all there is. Today is a gift and a chance for you to live right with God and the very things we do today will determine where you will spend eternity tomorrow.

If you do not take the necessary actions and decisions in life, you will wake up one day and regret these things in life one day. In this article, I want to share with you 21 things you will regret one day in life if you do not take the right decisions and actions now. Kindly tell us your views and experience when done reading.

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21 Things You Will Regret One Day

  1. You had the chance to try that idea but waited too long.
  2. You had the chance to dream and pursue it but you didn’t.
  3. You had the chance to educate yourself but wasted it all.
  4. You had the chance to propose to that lady but your fear of rejection wasted it.
  5. You had the chance to accept that guy but you thought he’s poor and now he’s a mogul.
  6. You had the chance and wasted all your youthful years chasing vain glories.
  7. You wasted all your peak hours on phone talking about nothing serious.
  8. You had the chance to listen to godly advice but you said they were archaic and not applicable in life.
  9. You lived your prime life philosophizing on social media but without any medal in life.
  10. Your worst enemies aren’t witches and wizards but your own laziness, fear and procrastination.
  11. You had the chance to try again but you retired and went to bed after first attempt that failed.
  12. You were not simply hungry and passionate enough for success.
  13. You had the chance but you blindly buried your destiny and future in the wrong relationships and immoral activities.
  14. You had the chance to make it to the Heavenly Home but you spent so much time and money building earthly mansions forgetting that this world is not your home.
  15. You thought you were smarter to hide your secret sins from people forgetting God will judge us for every secret sin.
  16. You had the chance to travel for exploits but fear clamped down your faith.
  17. You had the chance to repent from your sins but wasted the grace of God.
  18. You had the chance to tell that friend or neighbours about Christ but you let them die in their sins.
  19. You had the chance to control your sexual urges but you thought you were having fun.
  20. You had the chance to accept the Lord Jesus for your own salvation but you thought you had more time but the truth is you will die unexpectedly.
  21. You had the chance to save and invest for your future and your retirement but you squandered every form of money they came your way.

Remember that one of the worst things that can ever happen to you is “self-witchcraft”; thus knowing what is right and good for yourself but doing nothing about it.


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