Why You Must Tell Your Own Story


Every experience you go through is worth sharing no matter how ugly it may be. It is not how ugly the story may be that matters but the lessons that could change lives; lives swiftly toeing the same lane leading to destruction.

You have a wonderful story worth sharing but waiting to be given a bigger platform for before you tell your story is what you may not be lucky to have. May be you want to wait a while and gain more experience, reached a particular level before you feel qualified to express your mind and talk about some dicey issues. The truth of the matter is that, you may never get a bigger platform before you exit the planet earth so tell your story.

Sharing your experience and stories in life may not only be full of lessons and fun to others but goes a long way to snatch someone from falling into the same mess. Many people have died with great ideas and inventions. Many bestselling stories are still untold and buried in the grave. Others are simply covered in silence and difficult situations.

You may never reach that iconic status you desire before you begin to tell your story. The truth of the matter is that, your story may be irrelevant to the next generation because it was not meant to make impact on them but your generation. Tell your story as you climb higher. Your ideas may work today but not tomorrow so implement them. Your stories could only make you popular today but not stand the test of time so tell your story.

The truth of the matter is if you don’t tell your story, someone else will but may not be as you want it. You, yes you; you know the very essential things worth sharing in your life so tell your story. All those essential lessons worth sharing with the public to advise, motivate and stop others from falling into the same ditch may be hidden from your life partner, children, close friends and the general public. That is the more reason why you must tell your own story.


I love to tell my story not because I want to become popular, to boast or just to be heard by others but to impact generations. Yes, I know that if I tell my story, someone else somewhere going through a similar or same situation will be encouraged and learn some lessons.

A time is coming where modernity and technology may not give room for archaic stories and ideas like yours. Remember, every story and ideas are meant for a particular generation. Some ideas and stories are not trans-generational. In every generation, there is always a story or a few stories that are always remembered. Those stories, though may be very motivating today may not make much impact in the next generation.

You don’t need to become a writer before you can tell your story. You don’t need to become a preacher. Be your own motivational speaker and tell your story. You don’t need a PhD or Master’s Degree from the top best universities before you can tell your story. You don’t need experience to tell your story. Your experience is the story itself so tell your story.

Your entire life is a full story. The beautiful and undeniable fact is that, you are your own writer of your life’s stories. The very things you do each day add up to the full story until you finally exit the planet earth. You know the very things you did that no one else will ever know except God and yourself so tell your story if possible.

At times, some important people die with rich stories worth sharing before writers and the media go chasing family members, friends and love ones to gather their ideas of the life story of the deceased. Why not tell your story. Yes, tell your story and not the mixed facts from those who never had any ideas about your true ideologies, perceptions, achievements and philosophies in life.

If the dead will ever arise and mingle with mankind again, then many writers, the media and publishing houses will be sued for writing and publishing stories which never reflected the true life stories of the dead. It is better to tell your story when you are alive than to die with your lips still zipping the stories and allowing others to tell it the way they want in order to sell their newspapers, books and magazines. I will tell my story so you too, tell your own story. Yes, you have to tell your story before you die.

It saddens my heart when family members and friends struggle and think for days looking for words and cooking up stories in order to write tributes for dead relatives and friends. They end up writing something which may never be an epitome of the lives that the deceased led. If you tell your story, no one else will struggle to get a story about you.

In our part of the world, secrecy is at times key elements of wisdom and maturity. The ability to hold some vital information and never release them to people about your personal life and others is expedient if one really wants to climb higher in life. In communities where witchcraft, voodoo, magic and evil powers freely operate and dominate, stories cannot be told easily. Secrecy is very high in such communities. People easily deny the truth and their personal success when asked all because of the fear of others killing them because of envy of their success. In societies where those evil spirits and powers are not common, people freely tell their stories.

I do believe that not all stories are meant to be told. Not all stories are meant for public consumption due to its sensitivity and the personality involved but you can tell those that are not harmful; those that will not assassinate someone’s character as well as yours.

Even if the story will tarnish your own image, you have the prerogative right to tell your story or forever remain silent. If the past life is littered with so many ugly and unpleasant stories not worth sharing, then you have to take a decision. Yes, you have to take a decision for corrective measures.

One of the biggest platforms where people freely tell their stories both the good and the ugly is social media. Social media has become the voice of the voiceless in the society where everyone can be heard. No matter how obscure or remotest your abode may be, social media gives you the platform to tell your story. With social media, you tell your story and not another person.

My friends, brothers, lovers and readers, you have to tell your story if need be.
– Tell your story if it will inspire someone to make it in life.
– Tell your story if it will save a dying soul
– Tell your story if it will market your ideas, products and services.
– Tell your story if you do not want someone to say it the way it will break your heart.
– Tell your story because you know the true chapters of your life story or otherwise people will write their perceptions about you.
– Tell your story if it’s worth sharing. Yes, tell your story if it’s worth your sweat.
– Tell your story if you think you were born to live and make life better for others.

On the contrary, please keep your stories if it won’t bring any good to someone.
– Don’t tell your story if it will tarnish your image.
– Don’t tell your story if it will bring family division.
– Don’t tell your story if it will bring unnecessary fear and panic without any benefit.
– Don’t tell your story if it can easily lead someone to lose his life, job, etc.

Your story is your life
Your story is you.
Your story, whether good or bad is your life’s story, you own it.
You can choose to deny your story but it is still in your subconscious mind.
Your story is your past and your present life activities.
I want to tell my story so you too, tell your story if need be.



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