DEVOTION: Charge Your Spiritual Battery


When on low battery, you do everything possible to charge your phones just to make sure you stay connected to family, friends, loved ones and business partners. To some extent, you may purchase power banks and charge your phones anywhere you find yourself to make sure that you stay connected to people and not cut off in life.

Again, when your phone’s battery is fully charged but you run out of call credit, you are still not fully connected to people. You can receive calls from people all over the world but you cannot make any call. You cannot browse the web and send any information as well with your phone. That is how life is without the Spirit of God. Being a well built, handsome man or beautiful woman without Christ is like being a beautiful mobile phone without a call credit. Without Jesus Christ and the Spirit of God in you, you cannot connect to the Throne Room of Heaven through prayers.

Isn’t it interesting to know that you cannot live without phones for a day, a week or a whole month? Some people have become addicted to their phones and cannot do anything without it.

The question is: Do you make every effort to charge your spiritual battery to make sure your soul is connected to God any time you realize that you are running low on battery? A lot of activities and pressure in life drain our spiritual batteries and that is the reason for which one has to go before God each day to renew his or her strength.

If you are connected to God, no man can disconnect you in life.


Make every effort to stay connected to strategic people in life but it is a tragedy if you are disconnected from God. It is only God that can connect you and keep you connected.

Things That Disconnect You From God.

  • Every act of sin will disconnect you from God.
  • Busyness and busy work schedules.
  • Laziness to read Bible and pray.
  • Disappointments, doubts and depression.
  • Procrastination of religious activities.
  • Television and your mobile phones may distract you.
  • Any other thing that will not please God.

How to Charge Your Spiritual Battery

  • Observe your daily personal devotion to God
  • Study your Bible to receive directions and instructions from God.
  • Begin with prayer and end with prayer
  • Fasting and prayer in the right way are like power banks. They carry extra energy for you.
  • Completely avoid sin. God is a Holy God and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.


It is time to examine your life whether your spiritual battery has run very low. Can you hear the warning tone of your low battery? Are you seeing some signals that you are spiritually weak and need to be recharged? Do not sit down unconcerned until your battery finally dies out and you are disconnected in life and from God.

It is time to reconnect to God if you are disconnected.

Think about it.

Reflect on it &

Pass it on to a friend.


Dear Lord Jesus, I have come to realize that without You in my life, I am nothing. Please assist me to be conscious of my relationship with You and teach me your ways to be mindful of the very things that will disconnect me from You, my source of everything.Amen.



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