JOKE|10 Questions Mrs. Charlotte Osei May Ask You If You Want To Marry Her Daughter


Have you ever thought of how it will be like to be the son or daughter in-law to some of our astute politicians and celebrities in Ghana? Well, we are just imagining what a potential son in-law may go through to get the hand in marriage of some of our celebrities.

Kindly note that this is purely a joke without any ulterior motive and should be treated as such.


Dear Potential Son In-Law,

Kindly take time to answer the following questions to register and authenticate your intentions for my daughter’s hand in marriage.  


Rules & Regulations

  1. Answer all questions as specified on the paper especially Question 7
  2. No cancellations are allowed.
  3. Do not be in a hurry to hold press conferences to declare yourself as having passed the exams because many independent candidates are also taking the test. Only certified marked scripts may be considered.
  4. Pass mark is 90% (No second chance for failed candidates. This is not general election process).
  5. Candidates who passed this initial process will be notified for the face to face interview (No need to panic, we can assure you of no media presence)

Section A – Personal Information (20 Minutes) Answer All Questions

  1. Are you a certified Ghanaian with any national certified ID? [1 Mark]
  1. Which certified university did you attend in Ghana or outside Ghana? [1 Mark]
  1. Have your parents endorsed your intentions to ask for my daughter’s hand in marriage? [3 Marks]
  1. Do you have any criminal records that could abrogate your intentions for my daughter’s hand in marriage? (Whether yes or no, please attach police report on your next interview date) [5 Marks]

Section B – Maturity & Intellectual Base (Short Essays) 40 Minutes

  1. How can the saying elections are won at the polling stations and not in the EC’s office be applicable in relationships and marriage? [5 Marks]
  1. In not more than 500 words, explain 3 ways how different political backgrounds and opinions can affect your marriage and give 2 ways how it can unite both partners. [5 Marks]
  1. What did you say about your potential mother in-law when over 25 million Ghanaians were insulting me over election result delays? [50 Marks]
  1. In not more than 1000 words, describe how your association with my daughter could destroy my hard won reputation or enhance it.[10 Marks]
  1. (Follow Up Question to Q.8) The moment you marry my daughter, you will receive media attention and celebrity status. List 5 ways of managing your celebrity status in order not to destroy your reputation as well as that of my family, thus if not yet in the limelight. [10 Marks]

Bonus Question

  1. Explain 3 reasons why you want to marry the EC Chair’s Daughter and 2 reasons why your proposal could be terminated [10 Marks]

Hope we put a smile on your face with the joke, 10 Questions Mrs. Charlotte Osei may ask you if you want to marry her daughter. Kindly share with friends and loved ones and put a smile on their faces too.



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