Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Never Insult Someone.


Can you beat your chest and say you have never insulted someone before? To insult someone is to speak or use disrespectfully or scornfully abusive remarks on the person. It seems insults are gradually becoming part of some people’s life where they can hurl insults on people on the least provocation. You should not be proud of your chronic habit of insulting people either deliberate or unconsciously. If you are quick tempered and easily get angry, then work on it. Share your experience and thoughts with us after reading through the 20 reasons why you should never insult someone.

Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Never Insult Someone.

  1. Your words can kill or give life

Someone people commit suicide because of the defeatist and discouraging words spoken by others into their lives. The words that proceed out of your mouth are more powerful to build and to destroy than any weapon of mass destruction. The next time you get angry at those who use guns, bombs and other weapons to destroy, remember that you might be using your tongue to do worst. Words are life, spirit and death. Proverbs 18:21 says life and death are in the power of the tongue.

Little words of motivation can cause people to do exploits, give them hope to know there is still hope no matter the ugly circumstance.

  1. Insult hurts a lot

How did you feel the last time someone insulted you either for an offence you did not commit or something you did? Many people cannot stand insults especially when it embarrasses and disgraces them. Out of hurt and pain, they shed tears. You aren’t doing yourself any good if you are a boss and you think insults make you powerful and take control. You rather have a weak character as a leader if you resort to insults to show you are power and in control.

  1. Your insults can take you to hell

The Bible emphatically says that he who insults his brother: “You fool” shall be in danger of hell fire (Matt. 5:22). You have no idea the damages you are causing yourself for using many insulting and abusive words on people. Stop insulting people with words such as stupid, fool, bitch, crazy, moron, etc.

  1. You will account for it on judgment day

Do you know that you will account for every idle, abusive and insulting word you speak against someone on judgment day? By your words, you shall be either justified or condemned (Matt. 12:36-37). In Matt. 5:22, anyone who says to his brother raca (meaning worthless person) stands to be judged one day?

  1. To insult someone is to insult the image of God and His works

One of the many reasons why you must not insult anyone is the fact that people are created in the image of God. All creations are His handy works so to insult someone is to insult God and His works.

  1. Know that you cannot create any human being

Know that you cannot create any human being so you must not insult people based on their disabilities, background, race, weakness and other factors. No one created himself; you are also created. Never condemn and insult what you know you can never do on this earth.

  1. You may be insulting and cursing yourself

It is very dangerous to rain insults and curses on people when you are angry. Like Abraham, some people have covenants with God, anyone who insults or curses them; will also be cursed by God (Gen. 12:31).

  1. Insults could lead to bitter quarrels and fight

Most of the quarrels, fight, vengeance and wars that break out start with a little insult that slipped out of the mouth unguarded. You see, your words have the power to build, make peace, tear down and wipe away an entire generation

  1. Destroys people’s image as well as yours

Regardless of whoever you are, you lose respect and your image immediately you open your mouth and insult people. No matter how right you are and how wrong the other party is, it doesn’t warrant you to insult people. The words that come out of your mouth summarize your values in life. Do not lose your hard won respect because of unguarded words.

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  1. You also have your own weakness just like others

One of the reasons not to insult people is that you are human with weaknesses too. You can insult someone as foolish or stupid all because their field of expertise, character and training might be lower than yours. No one is a superhuman. You might also act very stupid one day on something outside your field of jurisdiction.

  1. To insult means you lack patience

If only you are patient enough to control your anger and temper, then you will realize that there are better ways to handle what you just did with insults. Patience is a virtue; without it, you will destroy people and later regret. Insults are clear indications that you have weak moral values.

  1. Destroys Relationship

Unguarded words have caused true friends to become real enemies in life. Insults destroy relationship. Do not take delight in insulting people and expect them to be laughing with you. If they do, their laughter may be hypocritical. They may not forget.

  1. Blocks Future Opportunity

Today, you are the boss so you choose to use any kind of vile words on people. Tomorrow will be the turn of your subordinates to be the bosses somewhere that you will need their assistance. Insults break relationship and block future opportunities. Live peacefully with people so that tomorrow so that they can easily be of help to you and your family or generations.

  1. Ego and self-satisfaction

Do not satisfy your big ego to insult people. Insulting your subordinates is not a sign that you are powerful and that you are the boss in charge. It rather satisfies your own selfish interest. Using insults to cause fear in your workers to respect and kowtow to your orders is a sign of weak leadership style.

  1. You feel guilty when you later realize your mistakes

If you insult someone out of anger and later realize it was no fault of theirs, you will later feel stupid and guilty. You now have to face the issue of swallowing your pride to apologize.

  1. People don’t easily forget how you make them feel

People will remember you for two things: the solutions you bring them or the troubles you cause. Let people remember you and bless God for your life and not remember the pains and the tears they shed all because of you. Remember that people can easily forgive you but they won’t forget how you made them feel.

  1. Disappoint your followers and mentees

You have no idea of the kind of people who are motivated by your works and are following your footsteps. You kill the confidence, pride and hope of your followers and mentees if you easily insult people.

  1. Your insults can be a stumbling block to others

I have come across many people who have decided to do or not to do something due to the derogatory remarks of other people. Let your words be the source of someone’s inspiration but not desperation.

  1. Do not pay evil for evil or insult for insult

The Bible warns Christians not to pay evil for evil or insult for insult (1 Peter 3:9). Do not speak evil or insulting words about anyone (James 4:11-12)

  1. When insults become part of you, it simply shows that you are not trained well.

The words that frequently proceed out of your mouth reveal a lot about your character, religious beliefs and training and how you were brought up.

Now that you are done reading, can you tell us your experience or thoughts about the Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Never Insult Someone?

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