51 Sad And Bad WhatsApp Statuses You Should Never Use


Your whatsapp statuses speak a lot about your mood, feelings, reveals your mind, your philosophies in life and your hidden virtues and values. Sometimes, your status can be very discouraging and too demeaning. No matter what you are going through, put up a good attitude and mood. Writing negative statuses on your whatsapp rather activates pain, regret and the feeling of wanting to take a revenge.

Do not forget that once you write any of these negative, sad or bad statuses, all your contacts on your whatsapp have access to read your mind through your status. Be careful what you write. If possible, avoid these 51 sad and bad whatsapp statuses and never use them.

51 Sad And Bad WhatsApp Statuses You Should Never Use

  1. It’s over between us
  2. My end has come
  3. All hope is lost now
  4. God will surely punish you
  5. Fully soaked in tears and very sad
  6. Too many broken pieces to fix at a time
  7. I can’t take it anymore – I give up
  8. My heart faints and my soul cries
  9. I can’t fight for love – just leave if you can’t decide
  10. Robbed off my happiness
  11. If you break my heart, I will drain your blood
  12. You are a torn in my flesh
  13. I guess you are happy now for causing my woes?
  14. I’m fucked up
  15. You won’t go scot free
  16. Such a boring guy you are
  17. I will never fall in love again
  18. At my wits end
  19. Hell broke loose on me
  20. Tearing eyes and a crying heart kill the body faster
  21. I like my foolishness – I’m too wise now to give you a second chance
  22. Dying slowly on the inside of me
  23. A poisoned soul is a dying soul
  24. My cup is full
  25. You will laugh at the wrong side of your mouth
  26. You devil, go away from me
  27. You will surely pay for this in no time
  28. You can run but you cannot hide
  29. I’m not a fool for love for the second time.
  30. An unthankful person is an ungrateful person
  31. I’m damn broke like a church mouse
  32. You cheated on me and now want me back?
  33. You left me when I needed you most and now you want another chance? No way
  34. After using me, you now turn around to say “I’m not your class?”
  35. I’d rather trust the devil than man because he’s just there to deceive and destroy
  36. Never been broke like this before
  37. Sorry, heart is closed. Never come again.
  38. In silence, I nurse the pains of your hurt which you will soon pay for.
  39. I slept to close my eyes from the ugly troubles in life but my mind’s eyes keep staring at them.
  40. I made you a priority but you made me an option, forgetting that I have feelings too
  41. One of the worst feelings is trying to forget someone you know you are going to remember.
  42. The crime I committed is telling the truth; so then, what is the use for being truthful when men of deceit are rather trusted and rewarded?
  43. One day, you will understand how it feels so much to love someone dearly only to be paid with hurt and disappointment.
  44. My silence never meant I’m stupid and my patience never meant I’m a fool in a love. If you think so then wait for my anger.
  45. The worst part is not realizing how much you hurt me but the arrant pride of not saying sorry is what kills me a million times
  46. If I had known that the happiness, the smiles and the much love you brought in my way are meant to say goodbye, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with you in the first place because I cannot still believe that you are dead.
  47. The day I stopped loving you was the day I discovered that you are not worth any woman’s love.
  48. Thanks for passing through my life, at least, I have one bad example of people I’ll advice my children not to ever marry.
  49. People like you make love stinks
  50. Thoughts about you have imprisoned me in my own mind several times but now I’m free.
  51. I never understood the word be careful with people until I met such a bad example as you.


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