10 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Destroy Your Christian Life And Spirituality


When we talk about Artificial intelligence (AI), what comes into your mind. Artificial intelligence then is the emulation of human intelligence in machines that have been designed to do activities such as learning, reasoning, problem-solving, and decision-making which are traditionally done in life by human beings. Artificial Intelligence can do things such as evaluate data, spot trends, adjust to fresh inputs, and get better over time. Another reason for the introduction of Artificial intelligence (AI) is to imitate human intelligence by empowering robots to do difficult things and provide assistance in different fields of expertise. In this write-up, I will discuss when artificial intelligence was introduced, 10 ways artificial intelligence (AI) can destroy your Christian life and spirituality and then finally discuss the Christians’ approach towards Artificial Intelligence.

When was Artificial Intelligence Introduced?

According to research, Artificial intelligence started in the early 1940’s and became popular in the early 2000s. However, the introduction of more artificial intelligence apps and free online resources became popular and easily accessible from the year 2000. From the year 2020-2023, the rush and the need to use artificial intelligence in all fields of life has enormously increased.

10 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Destroy Your Christian Life And Spirituality

1. Artificial intelligence cuts off moments of waiting on the LORD: The introduction of artificial intelligence has made getting things done easier but it has cut off precious moments of waiting on the LORD. Artificial intelligence cannot replace the benefits of waiting on the LORD and the accompanying mysteries, revelations and the deeper moments of reflection and communication with the Holy Spirit. You cannot compare the essence of waiting on the LORD with just the huge data of information artificial intelligence can produce for you in split seconds.


2. Artificial Intelligence doesn’t have the Holy Spirit: As a pastor, preacher and any form of church leader, it is important to know that you have to encounter the Holy Spirit, His leadership and direction in a unique way through the study of the word of God. As you take time to read and search through the scriptures, you will discover a lot and have a lot of illumination through the Holy Spirit. Artificial intelligence does not lead to receiving from the mind of God, His directions and divine messages from the LORD but rather from a pool of information stored in computers. Artificial intelligence only knows about the Holy Spirit but does not have the Spirit. It can tell you more about the Spirit of God but does not have the Spirit. It is only a pool of knowledge stored on the internet for quicker access and performance of tasks.

3. It breeds spiritual laziness in Christians: One of the disadvantages of using artificial intelligence (AI) as a Christian, a pastor and as a church leader is the higher tendency for you to become both physically and spiritually lazy. In the 21st Century, almost everyone is moving away from using hard-copy Bibles and switching to e-Bibles on phones, tablets, iPad, laptops and other smart gadgets. Know that you will become lazy when you have to depend on artificial intelligence (AI) to prepare sermons, speeches and almost most of your stuffs for you. Nothing can be compared to receiving a powerful and a transformation message from the LORD.

4. It prevents reasoning and creativity: When using artificial intelligence, you will appreciate the diversities and truckload of useful information that could be made available to you in split seconds. The use of artificial intelligence should not replace our reasoning power and creativity. The more we rely on artificial intelligence (AI), the less we use our brains and the less we use our brains, the less they develop. Though artificial intelligence (AI) gets things done easier and faster, it should not be the reason for which people may have a dull mind and not be smarter in life.

5. Incorrect and misleading contents and teachings: Artificial intelligence gathers its sources of information from a big data of information stored on the internet. Unfortunately, the internet is full of many misleading information. Anyone at all who has access to internet can publish just anything online. As a pastor, a church leader and a Christian, your duty is to speak the truth and tell people more about the truth. Over dependence on artificial intelligence can be misleading to dive into heresies and teaching wrong doctrines. For this reason, one needs to have a balance means of getting information and ensure verification to avoid falling into the trap of false prophecies, false teachers and prophets.

6. Use of artificial intelligence leads to reduced spirituality and prayer life: The Christian life and ministry is such that one has to depend on God for strength, direction and through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. The use of artificial intelligence to prepare sermons and get other spiritual things done easier can reduce one’s prayer life and lead to weakened spiritual life. The confidence one gathers to minister when you know you received the message from the LORD cannot be compared to just a matter of duplicating stored old information on the internet.

7. AI may lead to idolatry of technology: Prophets, pastors and church leaders are the mouthpiece of God. They receive direct messages and divine inspiration from the Holy Spirit and pass it on to the members. Over dependence on the use of Artificial intelligence (AI) can cut off the desire to get closer to God, desiring more of Him and totally depending on Him for grace, strength and direction for ministry and life.

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8. Use of artificial intelligence (AI) replaces human factor and fellowship: The use of artificial intelligence to generate sermons, counselling, pieces of advice and motivational messages leads to the higher tendency to replace the joy of fellowship, human connection and the joy of meeting together as a family of believers. There is great power in Christian fellowship. In Hebrews 10:25, the Bible stresses that “And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near”

9. Lack of comfort and empathy: Finding hope and comfort in life lies in fellowshipping with one another but not living in isolation and depending on artificial intelligence. Sometimes, meeting someone and sharing your life experiences is all that matter to bring hope, share ideas and finding peace in life. Artificial intelligence is not a human being but a machine that is programmed to think like human. Artificial intelligence (AI) does not have feelings or empathy for any human being because it does not feel and experience what humans go through.

10. Distraction from Worship: Over-dependence and overuse of artificial intelligence (AI) especially during moments of worship can distract one from focusing on the activities of worship. A total reliance on artificial intelligence for spiritual nourishment can affect your Christian life because true worship is not through AI generated messages and suggestions. Another way this can distract worship is where people use AI to check whether your sermon was AI generated while still preaching.

The Christians’ approach towards Artificial Intelligence.

The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) into the world has really come as a blessing leading to many economic boom by enhancing productivity in a quicker way. While the world has embraced AI systems for productivity and all kinds of service, it is important for Christians to have an approach towards the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

1. Develop positive attitudes towards the use of artificial intelligence: The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence has sparked lots of theories, perceptions, controversies and many ethical dilemmas about the use of AI’s for operation. While a lot more people are embracing the power and the speed of getting things done faster through artificial intelligence, others still have some reservations. Whatever be the case, try to develop a positive attitude towards the use of artificial intelligence before using it for any personal or corporate reasons.

2. Take advantage of technological advancements: The rate at which the world is moving fast is such that, Christians cannot afford to move on and do anything without embracing technology. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) enhances quicker access to information, facilitates learning, breaking the barrier of distance and simplifying tasks.

3. Seek right education about technological advancement: Most of the time, the introduction of certain technological advancements are normally met with various views and dilemmas. With time, people understand that seeking the right form of knowledge about everything is the key to maximizing the benefits of everything. Without the right knowledge, what is meant to be a blessing in your life will not serve the right purpose.

4. Individual perspectives and interpretations: The response of Christians to artificial intelligence (AI) depends on individual perspectives and interpretations of their faith, doctrinal issues and some teachings. In our days, some Christian leaders and theologians may also bring on board their insights, but the overall stance within the Christian community is likely to remain diverse.

To conclude on the 10 ways artificial intelligence (AI) can destroy your Christian life and spirituality, it is important to note that Christianity is all about establishing a beautiful relationship with God and having an encounter with the Holy Spirit. It is not about any artificial and fake relationship. Christianity demands following some spiritual disciplines to enhance your Christian life. However, you can use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance your learning, access to information, and getting things done faster. Where understanding is not clear, seek clarification, advice and the right form of knowledge. As an organization, there is the need to discuss the decision to use artificial intelligence (AI) and under which conditions to satisfy the people involved.

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