15 Ways to Become Your Own Enemy – Part 2

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This is the last part of the article, 15 Ways to Become Your Own Enemy

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9. Placing unrealistic demands on yourself.

Man, know yourself! Know yourself and what you need in life. Placing crazy and unrealistic demands on yourself is a recipe for a life full of stress and discontent. Stress and lack of content can kill you. Many people have already died due to stress and discontent in life.

10. Knowing your potentials and doing nothing about it


It is one thing to know your potentials and another thing to explore it to serve the purpose for which God created you. You are your own enemy to do exploit if you prevent yourself from using your gifts, talents and potentials. Your excuses will amount to nothing; hence nobody has been applauded and awarded for giving excuses in life.

11. Always spending your income without any plan to save for the future

Hello! Do you think you will be very energetic, strong and healthy all the time and still work? A time is coming where your strength will fail you. You need to develop the habit of saving for the future. Do not live “from hand to mouth” and consume almost everything that comes your way.

12. Knowing what is good for yourself but refusing to do it

Know that you are your own enemy if you know what is good for yourself but refused to do it? Doing it is for your own good and refusal to make an attempt is to deprive yourself of the opportunities you have in life.

13. Deliberating doing the wrong thing

He who knows the right thing and does not do it is a sin”, James 4:17. Why will you do the wrong thing for it to be associated with your name and your records in life? Be noted for noble things in life but not shameful and disgraceful things.

14. Holding yourself in poor self-confidence and positive affirmation

Until you change your own perceptions about yourself, you can never have a good self-confidence and positive affirmations about your life. Think about the best for yourself. Believe in your abilities. Know that you are not competing with anyone in life so concentrate on your own skills and be confident in life.

15. Lukewarm attitudes towards the things of God.

God is a God of principle. He will not force anyone to worship and serve Him but if you claim to be a Christian and yet you are engulfed in serious sins and exhibiting lukewarm attitudes towards the Work of God, then know that you are weakening the foundations of your own life for Christian growth, dominion and maturity. Sin is a destroyer of a man’s soul; it separates you from the creator.

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