17 Ways Many Christians Become Hypocrites


As a Christian, you are supposed to be the light of the world. Your lifestyle is like a mirror that must reflect the true character of God for others to see the God you serve. It is rather very disturbing to see and know that some Christians are becoming hypocrites and this attitude is rather alarming and a major cause to worry.

In this article, I want to share with you the 17 ways many Christians become hypocrites. When done reading, kindly share your thoughts with us.

17 Ways Many Christians Become Hypocrites

  1. You are guilty of the very things you preach against

How annoying and disappointing it is to see a preacher wielding a big Bible in the hands and earnestly preaching against immoral acts and calling all to come to a point of repentance only for the same person to be caught in the same acts he/she has been preaching against. Disappointing issues of these nature weaken the faith of the feeble hearted in the Christendom causing others to backslide and refuse to attend church. Again, you may not be a preacher but your double standard style of living alone may drive people away not to experience the love of Christ.

One day, a man remarked: “If Christians and unbelievers are caught in the same sin then there is no hope for those who are lost that they too will be saved because Christians are only pretending to be saved with a changed Christ-like character but are the same as we are. They are nothing but hypocrites”. Think about this statement.


It is a shame to hear people say: “Do as I say but not what I do” and “the rules apply to others but not me”. We become hypocrites if we are caught in this trap.

  1. You always say the devil is a liar but you always tell lies yourself

I don’t understand Christians who always shout “the devil is a liar” but keep on telling lies each day as if they do not really understand what they believe and preach. What business do you have with God when you tell lies all the time and turn around to pray against the devil? Have you forgotten that the devil is the father of all lies (John 8:44) and for that matter, telling lies makes you a daughter or son of the devil?

  1. Condemn others just because you sinned differently

It is very funny and sometimes disturbing about the way Christians think they are smart and end up judging and condemning others just because you sinned differently than what others are doing. Do not forget that your actual character is known by your friends, family, loved ones, cotenants and neighbours but not what you exhibit in church on Sundays. Stop condemning others for committing a sin you have the strength to overcome. You have your own weaknesses too. Know that you are a hypocrite if you are still living in sin.

  1. Compromising attitudes

Sometimes, you may be surprised to hear unbelievers shouting at a Christian: “Did your Bible teach you to compromise and do this evil thing?” What is wrong is wrong so do not modify it to seem right. Remember, James 4:17 says it is a sin to know the right thing but refuse to do it.

  1. Promise and fail Christians are hypocrites

Any Christian who cannot be trustworthy is a hypocrite. These days, many Christians are no longer trusted and faithful at all whether in business, finance, relationship or even in marriages. Know that you are not reliable if you are not faithful. You are a hypocrite! You are a Christian not because you said so but because your character said so. It is shame for Christians to be numbered among hypocrites.

  1. When Christians are part of all the bad examples in the society.

How do you want someone to repent and stop sinning when you profess to be a Christian and yet, you are a crook in many ways and full of corrupt and evil activities? In Ephesians 5:3, Christians are warned to totally stay away from anything that tarnishes the image of the brethren such as fornication. It breaks my heart when criminals are arrested and during time of interrogation, they shamefully say they are Christians.

  1. Hiding behind grace and acting unchristian

It is has become a disheartening and a loose common practice among Christians who stoop so low to sin and believe that God will forgive them when they ask for forgiveness. Do not live your life as if there is no judgment tomorrow. Must you continue sinning because grace abound (Rom. 6:1)? Stop hiding behind grace thinking that God will forgive when you ask for forgiveness. It is a dangerous thing to be deliberating sinning when you claim and profess to know the truth as a Christian. Remember that God will bring every secret deed into judgment (Eccl. 12:14).

  1. Seeking material and other things instead of salvation in the house of God

Do you know that many people profess to be Christians and attend church service regularly but these people are not in the house of God for salvation but to seek other material things and for varied reasons? It is very obvious why many people stop attending church the moment they get what they want. Beware, for there are too many wolves in the house of God. Seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things you desire shall be added unto you (Matt. 6:33).

  1. When you hate, curse people and wish them evil

A true Christian will never wish that any evil befalls anyone. Sometimes, I hear people wishing and praying that so many terrible and bad things happen to some people. Have you forgotten that you might have done worst things than that when you were not yet a Christian and only got saved by grace? What did the Bible say about living with people even including those who hurt us? And how about our enemies? The Bible never said we should curse our enemies and haters; the Bible never said we should cause them to suffer or pay them back in their evil deeds but to love and pray for them (Matt. 5:44). You are a hypocrite if you do the opposite. If possible, live in peace with everyone (Romans 12:18)

  1. You easily judge and condemn people

Have you ever judged someone before simply because of what they did? The Bible has clearly stated that you shall not judge. You judge from the angle you are seeing things happen but God is the only righteous judge who is well detailed about every account of man. The fact that you were present or you were an eye witness does not mean you have it all. God judges the intents and purposes in the hearts of men but not what we see only (1 Corinthians 4:5).

  1. Self-righteous attitude and seeing yourself as better than others

The moment some people become Christians, they assume they are far better than others and tend to look down on people (Romans 12:3). Thinking of yourself as better than someone is self-righteousness. Know that you are saved by grace but not by your own words so do not boast (Eph. 2:8-9).

  1. Many Christians want to go to Heaven but never want to die

Peter Tosh once said: everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die. Christians are the worst disturbed when the issue of death is mentioned. Some pastors do organize special all night services to break the spirit of death but the question is will you live on earth forever? Why are Christians rather afraid of death when death is a benefit rather to Christians? Romans 14: 8 says that whether you live or die, you are the Lord’s.

  1. Too many actors in the church today

Are you aware that there are too many actors in the house of God today? These are the people who fake the presence of God, the anointing, healing and some weird miracles just for fame and financial gains. These are false prophets and hypocrites who are tarnishing the name of the Lord and making Christianity look unattractive to the lost souls. These days, some false prophets hire individuals who fake healing and some miracles just to get the attention of the public to believe in them. Are these not fake and hypocrites; for they leave much of their rotten characters to be desired in our generation.

  1. Pleasing men and displeasing God

It is so sad to realize that many people are just living their lives to please their Bishops, Apostles, Prophets, Pastors and their church leaders. In church, many people give high respect to their church leaders but go home and treat their wives and husbands like slaves and you claim you are a Christian? Some people are not thinking of living right with God but only interested in doing things to win the favour of men.

At the workplace, you are very careful to execute your tasks perfectly in order to win favour for promotions. You are afraid of what man can do to you than what God can do. You are hypocrites if you are only interested in pleasing men than God. You are a hypocrite if you always obey the instructions of your bosses but disobey God’s Word and still profess to be a Christian.

  1. Blaming the devil and other people for our faults

Why is it too hard for you to admit your fault but you quickly jump to blame the devil for being the cause of your predicaments? Why can’t some Christians be responsible for their own actions? Right from the Garden of Eden, Adam shifted the blame to Eve and Eve shifted it to the serpent but God did not look at their excuses and shifting of blame game. The devil has been seriously accused for many things he has no idea of. Learn to be responsible for your own actions and deeds.

  1. Not telling sinners of salvation and warning them about the penalty of sin

Dear Christian Brother or Sister, kindly note that you are not saved from sin to be free and forget about your brother who is still wallowing in sin and will soon die in his sins. You are saved to save others. It is so sad to see Christians talk about unbelievers who perish in their sins and yet, refuse to tell the same people about the critical need for salvation. Nobody is above salvation regardless of the status of the person. Sometimes, you just have to muster the courage and approach that brother or sister and tell them that heaven and hell are real.

  1. Discrimination in handling critical issues

Are you not hypocrites when you become partial in treating people and handling critical issues? And when it comes to church discipline on the grounds of morality and ethics, how do you treat people? It is very appalling to know how people behave differently when handling issues of morality and ethics. Sometimes, people act in hard ways and punish culprits but spare the other person who belong to their cliques or tribes. This is hypocrisy in the house of God.

Have you been accused before as a hypocrite Christian? And have you also accused some people before as hypocrites Christian? Kindly share your thoughts and experience with us.




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