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15 Ways to Become Your Own Enemy – Part 2

This is the last part of the article, 15 Ways to Become Your Own Enemy Kindly click on the link above to read if you...

10 People Who Will Smile And Enjoy This Christmas Season

Christmas is here again. We thank God for the gift of life and His divine protection throughout the whole year. Be glad and rejoice...

10 Shortcuts You Should Avoid In Life

Life is sometimes like a story full of many twist and turns, like a drama full of ironies and many uncertainties. Sometimes, we don’t...

10 Ways to Know You Are A Fool or Acting Foolishly

Recently, I was eating in a restaurant when an argument broke out among three young men who were also eating at the nearby table....

Empty the Trashes in Your Life. Vol. 1

The janitor that cleans my office is just amazing. Each morning, I come to see a neat waste bin in my office no matter...

Avoid People Who Are Like Thorn Bush

Have you ever met someone whose life is like a thorn in your flesh and anytime you have an encounter with the person, it’s...

Empty the Trashes in Your Life. Vol. 2

“Have you ever seen someone who is always full of trash? Note that they keep all the trashes of life in their hearts instead...

11 Pieces of Advice to Tracey Boakye and Husband

Over the past few days, Tracy Boakye and the husband have been trending as their engagement and wedding pictures tend to pop up on...

Don’t Boast Because You Have Everything In Life Today

  Do not boast because you have everything in life today. You may be reduced to nothing in the next minutes. Where is the pride...

The Benefits of Going Through Tests & Trials

Test, trials and temptations only make you stronger, patient in life and matured for a higher calling so stop cursing those who put you...