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1000 Press Ups To The Woman I Love

Isn't it so lovely? Wow! This is beautiful but we have decided to caption it 1000 press ups to the woman I love.  Do you remember...

10 Ways to Know You Are A Fool or Acting Foolishly

Recently, I was eating in a restaurant when an argument broke out among three young men who were also eating at the nearby table....

20 Reasons Why You Should Never Insult Someone.

Can you beat your chest and say you have never insulted someone before? To insult someone is to speak or use disrespectfully or scornfully...

10 Reasons to Stop April Fooling People

Before you think of pulling a prank on someone for April Fool, pause and read these 10 Reasons to Stop April Fooling People. April...

15 Ways to Become Your Own Enemy – Part 1

Many people are fasting and praying against their enemies of progress in this year. I'm sure some people will wield guns and cutlasses in...

When The Devil Smiles At You

Over the weekend, our team member chanced on this interesting picture which was a prank played on a little boy. Well, we have decided...

Caption This: You May Fly and Kiss The Bride

Can you caption this photo of the week? Well, we have decided to call it: "You May Fly to Kiss The Bride". Weddings come with a...

PHOTOS: 10 Beautiful & Glamorous Display of Rich Kente Cloths & Culture

The inaugual ceremony of Ghana's President, His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo was full of verve and vitality, beautiful and glamorous display of the rich...

Avoid People Who Are Like Thorn Bush

Have you ever met someone whose life is like a thorn in your flesh and anytime you have an encounter with the person, it’s...

Empty the Trashes in Your Life. Vol. 1

The janitor that cleans my office is just amazing. Each morning, I come to see a neat waste bin in my office no matter...