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15 Bad Things You Shouldn’t Do on Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine’s Day is here again and the Valentine fever will be experienced everywhere in the world. The story of Saint Valentine’s Day dated...

21 Questions Women Want Men to Answer When Dressing

It is very interesting to know the kind of questions women ask men and expect an expert answer from their men when they are...

17 Reasons To Ban Amorous Pre-wedding Photoshoots

Weddings are one of the most solemn and sacred events in anyone’s life that are meant to usher the two would-be couple into the...

LOVE: This Thing Called Marriage

We were at the altar only a few years ago, so happy and in love, finally! I was getting married to the man of...

13 Reasons To Quit Fake Love & Pretending Relationships

Dear Singles & Married, I welcome you all to the month of February, the month of Love. One of the most disturbing things about matters...

Stop asking God to give you a good marriage

One of the obvious things that singles and perhaps, the married ones normally do is to pray to God asking Him to give them...

Merry Christmas To All Our Cherished Readers

Wishing you all our cherished readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. All we ask for is long life. We pray you will...

10 Reasons Pre-Wedding Photoshoots Aren’t So Important

Weddings are a solemn event that ushers two would-be lovers into marriage. It is a time of preparation in all angles including spiritual matters...

11 Bad Perceptions People Have About Singles Whose Marriage Delay

Do you know the troubles and the perceptions people have about singles simply because your marriage has delayed? Sometimes, the single ladies, especially, hide...

I Will Kiss You In The Presence Of My Enemies

At, we do not only provide you with useful information to nourish and enrich your soul for growth and development but in addition,...