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30 Annoying And Insulting Questions You Should Stop Asking Singles

Recently, I was invited to speak at a conference as one of the main resource persons for a training session on Christian leadership and...

My Love! What Kind of Relationship is This?

My love, My Love! Why do you always take delight in breaking my heart? I love you so much and always with you but you...

I Will Kiss You In The Presence Of My Enemies

At, we do not only provide you with useful information to nourish and enrich your soul for growth and development but in addition,...

15 Negative Perceptions People Have About Marrying A Beautiful Woman

Last week, I got a call from a friend who was frustrated about the perception of his parents, some friends and loved ones about...

TRUE STORY: I’m Tired of Finding My Ex

When it comes to matters of the heart, I am always indifferent and careful with meddling with men because the bad examples of my...

21 Questions Women Want Men to Answer When Dressing

It is very interesting to know the kind of questions women ask men and expect an expert answer from their men when they are...

Stop Dreaming About Your Marriage & Start Working On It

Dear singles, there is no love in marriage, no happiness, no care, no pleasure and no bond of friendship. If there's anything like true love, then...

Allow Your Man To Fail – Counselor Adofoli

One of the things every man dislikes is a woman who tries to control, change and order him; a wife who acts like a...

20 Habits That Destroy Your Relationship & Marriage Faster

Love is a beautiful thing that can ever happen to you when you meet the right person and you guys really know what to...

Stop asking God to give you a good marriage

One of the obvious things that singles and perhaps, the married ones normally do is to pray to God asking Him to give them...